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8 days in Iceland / the first night is for FREE!

Things to do in Iceland

  • Take a whale watching cruise - Holidays in Iceland will be heaven for nature lovers, especially if you're keen on majestic cetaceans like minke, humpback, or even killer whales. From April through October, boats leave Reykjavik and Akureyri, providing gasp-inducing sights of these marine marvels on almost every voyage.

  • Saddle up for a horseback tour - Back on dry land, forget about 4x4s or wearing out your hiking boots: Iceland is best seen from the back of a horse or pony. Take a ride through wildflower fields, black volcanic beaches, and along wild fjords, to really get a feel for Iceland's unique environment (and make a new friend at the same time).

  • Guzzle some gourmet cuisine in Reykjavik - Iceland's capital is famous as a culinary destination. Benefiting from seafood fresh from the Atlantic, locally-reared meat and game, the city's chefs have crafted an outstanding dining scene. From moose carpaccio to minke whale steaks, you'll find irresistible dishes that aren't available anywhere else.

We all deserve a break! It's been hard but slowly normality is coming back
and so do the options for an autumn and winter holiday.

Come and see the northern lights in Iceland!


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