Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt

ASB Travel Solutions LTd. was founded in 2002 by Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt, who by then already had eight years of experience in the tourism sector. This experience started at the University of Gie├čen. After the successful graduation in English and Geography, she completed postgraduate studies in Tourism at the University of Berlin. Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt has given presentations at the University of Bremen, the private University of Treviso and the University of Berlin. In addition, she has given a presentation for VisitBritain, the official tourism board of Great Britain, during the VIBE Conference 2009. Before the founding of ASB Travel Solutions Ltd. she worked as a Director of Sales for a renowned DMC in London. Since the foundation of the business, the customer base steadily increased due to her professional expertise.


ASB Travel Solutions Ltd.

Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt
33 Hanger Lane
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