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In the heart of Ireland


Welcome to beautiful Ireland.


You will get to know and love the breathtaking landscape on your journey. You will be spending a few hours in Killarney National Park surrounded by an extraordinary natural beauty with its rolling hills, rivers and lakes and fantastic views. Discover Blarney Castle and many other Irish attractions.

Just enjoy the unique Irish landscape with a delicious Irish meal and one or more Guinness. Immerse yourself in the heart of Ireland.


During the eight days of the tour, you will be shown a variety of things you would not expect. Let yourself be surprised and relax. Let nature take its effect on you and return to everyday life in a completely relaxed and fit state — Ireland, a country that is not precisely the leading destination for tourists. 


There is more to discover, and the country has more to offer than you can imagine. Start in the east of the country and head west and then south before heading east again.


Many exciting attractions await you on the way. Spend the first two days in beautiful Dublin. On day three, you will drive towards Oranmore and spend the day there. 


Already on day four, you will head south to the Limerick area. On the next day, the tour continues to Killarney in the very south. That means from day seven on you are already on your way back and make a stop at Blarney Castle and the Rock of Cashel.


The last night in this beautiful country you will spend in the Kilkenny area. On day eight, you will set off towards Kildare Town, and from there, you will start your journey home.

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