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Golf Trip - South Africa


The Cape of Good Hope calls! 

Who doesn't dream of playing golf in such beautiful surroundings as South Africa? 

The landscape is merely unique! A mix of mountains, sea, animals and the plant world. More than 2,600 endemic plants thrive here in the protected area. This is worth a visit, don't you think? The waters on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula are relatively cold, but you can go swimming here during the climatically pleasant summer months. Experience a dream journey combined with your favourite hobby, golf! 

Here in South Africa you can relax, forget the stress of everyday life and simply enjoy your hobby, golf. Learn new techniques and talk shop in a dreamlike setting. Besides playing golf, you can, of course, also visit the most famous sights.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. 

The sailor and adventurer Sir Francis Drake described the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century as "the most beautiful cape on the entire globe".

Located in the middle of Funbos and opposite the world-famous Table Mountain, you have the opportunity to play a round of golf.
In Cape Town, of course, there is always a slight breeze blowing, so that you can perform better under the flat wind. Explore the Golf Course Westlake, one of the most beautiful golf courses in the South Cape. A golf course with 18 holes and a British clubhouse. Here you can relax after hours of playing, eat and have a glass of wine or whatever your heart desires. 

Furthermore, you play at one of the oldest Royal Cape of South Africa in Wynberg. During this one-week golf trip, you will, of course, also have some free time, which you can arrange individually according to your needs.

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