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Group Tours


Welcome to your group tour through a country of your choice!

Group trips are great because no one has to travel alone if they don't want to. No matter if school class, with friends or as an individual traveller. There are offers for all age groups;
A few example group trips are party trips for young people, city trips or cruises. Backpacking trips to Thailand are also possible. Whatever your heart desires, - we make it possible!

We offer you the possibility to customise your group travel and adapt it to your wishes. We are at your side with advice and support! Let us know what kind of group you would like to travel with, in which country and which activities you would like to experience. We will develop and design the perfect group trip for you!

Here is a short example of a group trip: Imagine you fly with your group, you and 19 other people and friends, to London for four days. You will board the plane on a Friday in Berlin and experience four days in the beautiful metropolis of London.


For the group trip, we will organise a sightseeing tour of London for you. The competent tour guide will show you the city with all its facets. Furthermore, we offer your group the opportunity to go shopping on Oxford Street. Enjoy the flair and atmosphere of this incredible city. An absolute highlight of this group tour is the visit to the Harry Potter Studios. A perfect experience for real fans. The last day is at your leisure to enjoy the final minutes in London. 
We welcome you to your next group tour! Let us know about which country we can create a perfect trip for you. 

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