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Hiking Tour


Hiking tours are the perfect way to escape from everyday life.


Get out of the stuffy office and into the beautiful country air. Escape the big city and enjoy the peace, quiet and straightforward nature. Isn't it an adventure to go on a hiking tour together with friends or family?

Spend time in the undisturbed and peaceful nature, listen to the birds, the sound of the leaves when the wind blows through and relax. Get your mind free from the stress of work. Spend a few hours alone, with friends, as a couple or as a family outing. Imagine finding a quiet and noiseless place in the countryside, having a picnic and enjoying the fresh air. Eating fresh fruit in summer and perhaps toasting the beautiful day off in pure freedom and peace with a glass of sparkling wine.


Let yourself be transported into a world where you can simply dream and let your thoughts run free. Fill up with strength and new courage to be able to master challenges in your everyday professional life. In the past, hiking was one of the most common ways to travel. Nowadays, it is only leisure activity.

Hiking is a nature-loving sport, which, unfortunately, is becoming less and less critical. The German Hiking Association defines hiking as follows, "hiking is walking in the landscape". It is a leisure activity with varying degrees of physical exertion that promotes both mental and physical well-being. Characteristic features of a hike are more than one hour, appropriate planning, the use of specific infrastructure and adapted equipment.

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