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Dubai Location Trip


Welcome to your Dubai location trip.


During your Dubai location trip, you will have the opportunity to marvel at impressive sights and, in contrast, to explore the old city district, museums and the landscape, such as the desert.

Abu Dhabi is only a stone's throw away; you will also visit this beautiful city. Stroll around the city's many colourful markets or relax on the beautiful beaches of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


You start your journey early in the morning at the Dubai airport. From there it goes directly into the city and to your hotel. There you can first relax and arrive. In the evening you can already collect the first impressions of this impressive city on a "Dhow Dinner Cruise". During this cruise, you will experience an unforgettable evening on the traditionally decorated ship.


On tour through Dubai, you will go on a journey through time. You will discover modern Dubai by looking at the highest building in the world. Next, you will visit the impressive "Dubai Museum", where you can get an impression of Dubai before the oil boom. Next, you will visit the Spice and Gold Mark, where you can discover countless breathtaking jewels and mysterious scents of spices.


After 7 days, you will, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as you will be returning home.


Let Dubai fascinate you.

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