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Seven Day Dubai Location Trip


You will spend your seven days in Dubai in a luxury 4-star hotel.


On the first day, the first highlight is already waiting for you in the early evening: the "Dhow Dinner Cruise". Enjoy an unforgettable evening on our traditionally decorated ship "Dhow" and cruise the "Dubai Creek" with Arabic music. A sumptuous buffet with a large selection of both continental and oriental dishes awaits you. 


During this two-hour cruise, you will have the opportunity to experience the first impressions of Dubai and to experience the unique night atmosphere from an extraordinary perspective.


After a free morning on the second day, you will set off in the afternoon for a first discovery tour of Dubai. On this tour, you will go on a real journey through time. First of all, you can marvel at modern Dubai, which is home to the world's tallest buildings. After a short break at Dubai Creek, you will reach the old town quarter "Bastakiya".


Next, you visit the impressive "Dubai Museum" at the "Al Fahidi Fort". There you can get an impression of what life in Dubai looked like before the oil boom. 

You continue your tour and pass the traditional market ("Souk") before you are taken by water taxis ("Abra") on the "Dubai Creek" to the spice and gold markets. 


In the evening you will dine at a good restaurant in the Dubai area. 


The following day you will make an excursion to the city of Al Ain. The city of Al Ain, also known as the "Garden City of the Arabian Gulf", is one of the oldest in the entire region. It is an amazingly green city with an incredible number of public parks. Al-Ain is also known as a university city and the birthplace of the founder of the state and former head of state Zayid bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who died in 2004.


On the fourth day, you will first visit the "Al Ain National Museum" - the most famous museum in the United Arab Emirates. At the rustic camel market, which you will visit first, you will have the unique opportunity to buy one of these "desert ships".


The journey continues to the nearby oasis city of Buraimi in the north of Oman. You will visit the "Hili Archaeological Gardens" once again.


Today you will go to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the emirate of the same name Abu Dhabi. On your way from Dubai, you will pass Dubai's "Jebel Ali Free Zone" and the "Jebel Ali Port", which is the largest human-made seaport ever built in the world. 


Afterwards, you will stop again at a carpet market where unique carpets from all over the world are offered at affordable prices. 


At the old markets (>"souks") you can experience the daily hustle and bustle next. In a nearby handicraft workshop, you will have the opportunity to admire traditional "Tali" handicrafts. 


A visit to the Abu Dhabi Corniche, a coastal road almost eight kilometres long, is also a must, as it offers an incomparable view of the Abu Dhabi skyline.


On day 5, we head for Sharjah, a lively city with colourful markets ("souks") and sights such as mosques. A short stop at a local market will allow you to haggle with the traders for local fruit, oriental carpets and traditional pottery. 


From the village of Masafi, located in the "Hajar Mountains", you will head towards the east coast. Once you arrive at the Indian Ocean, you also have the opportunity to make a short visit to nearby Oman. 


You continue your journey along the coast and pass through some small fishing villages before you reach the "Bidiya" mosque, which is the oldest and at the same time the lowest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. 


After lunch, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach and cool down in the sea. To round off this eventful day with another highlight, you will travel once again to the port city of Fujeirah.


The sixth and last day is at your leisure to explore Dubai on your own. The artificially created group of islands "Palm Islands", the district "Dubai Marina", which is close to the water and rich in high-rise buildings, as well as the shopping centre "Dubai Mall" are waiting to be discovered by you. 


In the afternoon you will go on an adventurous safari trip. Afterwards, you will visit a traditional, Arabic tent village, which will tempt you with further activities. There you can go on an exciting camel ride, smoke a traditional water pipe ("Shisha") in various flavours, have yourself decorated with typical henna paintings and surf on the dunes. 


With a festive three-course menu with Arabic specialities and Oriental music in the background, you can let the day end in the moonlight.

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