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Uganda Round Trip


Welcome to your round trip through Uganda.


Day 1 


After arriving at Uganda's international airport in Entebbe and completing the entry formalities, you will be welcomed by your tour guide, who will take care of you during your tour. He will then drive you to your hotel. 


Day 2


After breakfast, you will start your round trip. The driver will drive through Kampala - the capital of the country - to the northwest of Uganda to the beautiful Murchison Falls National Park. 


On the way to the national park, they stop on the way and visit the Ziwa rhino sanctuary. Here white rhinos are reintroduced to Uganda. In the afternoon they reach the legendary Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda's largest national park. 


Day 3


The next day in Uganda starts in the early morning hours. The journey leads through beautiful landscapes. Through the savannah, through the fan palm forest and grassland, our route takes us down to Lake Albert. 


On your journey through Uganda, you will drive to Fort Portal to Kibale National Park, and you will see numerous tea plantations. 

We will also stop in Fort Portal, and then in the afternoon, you will arrive at your accommodation. 


You'll experience the impressive chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. They search for chimpanzees high up in the trees. Watching whole groups in their natural environment is a unique experience.


Day 4 


The journey in Uganda continues with an exciting morning game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park. 


Did you know that there are nearly 100 species of mammals in the park? These include lions, hippos, buffalo, leopards, spotted hyenas, elephants and the elusive giant forest pigs.


Day 5


On your last day, before breakfast, you will go on a guided walk. You experience the animal world from a completely different perspective. 


Afterwards, you will enjoy a traditional, delicious breakfast in your accommodation. 


Then check out and starting to make your way to the airport of Uganda, to go home. 

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