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Group Trip


Are you thinking of travelling as a group? 

A group trip is great because no one has to travel alone who does not want to. No matter if school class, with friends or as an individual traveller. We have offers for all age groups.

Some examples of group trips are party trips for young people, city trips, cultural trips or even cruises. Whatever your heart desires, - we make it possible!

Why should you travel as a group? There are many advantages that only a group trip can offer. However, probably the most decisive point is the price. There are discounts not only for museums but also for hotels. If a larger group books into a hotel, there is always the possibility to negotiate a special price. 

Usually, a group is only considered a group if there are 15 people on the trip. However, in some establishments, there are already significant discounts for smaller groups. However, most accommodations only grant discounts from 15 or even 20 persons. Furthermore, the travel companion is a considerable advantage, as they take over the entire organisation. This means that there is absolutely no pressure on you to organise a perfect trip; you can simply sit back and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Travel with all your friends or maybe take a more extended family holiday, with mum, dad, siblings, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins! Doesn't that sound exciting and thrilling?

Of course, you don't have the flexibility and individuality of a group tour as you would with a package or individual assignment. We are aware of that. Therefore, everything is planned perfectly beforehand, so that your trip becomes an absolute highlight.
Just give it a try and be surprised! 

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